DigitaOS memorial page

As the DigitaOS web sites and information pages seem to have vanished almost completely, I decided to set up this page in order to preserve the scripts and knowledge for the world (please mirror this content as much as possible, since this page might possibly go down after a couple of years, too!).
If you've got any files to contribute or anything to fix, then please mail me (Andreas Mohr) immediately at 6zd9i9ofw001@sneakemail.com!
I intend to extend this page to be a DigitaOS information page that's as complete as possible.
In case you have any changes to be applied to this page, then it'd be perfect if you could even send me a "diff" of the changes you've made to this page!
Please also let me know in case I'm offering outdated versions of scripts and/or programs!
Currently the description of the programs isn't very good. I plan to improve it soon. Also the descriptions don't mention which camera is able to run which script/program. FIXME.
If some part of this page has some copyright issues, then please notify me and I'll remove that particular content!

DigitaOS programming information

DigitaOS scripts

diff_capture.zip - ??
diskdir.zip - ??
electronic_ruler.zip - allows you to measure distances !!!
file_manager.zip - some file manager.
pictdetails.zip - some picture information script.
sclink.zip - Script Link: ??
tic_tac.zip - Tic Tac Toe as a script !!
VERSIONS.CSM.zip - A script showing version info of your camera.

DigitaOS programs


bombsweep10.zip - bomb sweeper.

boulders10.zip - Boulder Dash.
bdset1.zip - Boulder Dash map set 1.
bdset2.zip - Boulder Dash map set 2.
bdset3.zip - Boulder Dash map set 3.

doomd.cam - port of the well-known PC game Doom.
DOOM1.WAD - first game map of the Doom shareware edition.
MAMED37b6.2b.zip - MAME: some arcade game emulator - let's you run thousands of games on your DigitaOS camera ! From digita.mame.net.
MESSD37b6.2b.zip - MESS: some arcade game emulator - let's you run thousands of games on your DigitaOS camera ! From digita.mame.net.
playmp3b001.zip - a fully functional MP3 player !!! From digita.mame.net.
sokoban10.zip - well, SokoBan :-)
sokoban_classic.zip - SokoBan Classic.


calc10.zip - a calculator.

denpix02.zip - an imaging utility program/script.

DigitaOS links

http://www-2.cs.cmu.edu/~ralf/dc290.html - Ralf Brown's DigitaOS Imaging Page
http://digita.mame.net - MAME for DigitaOS: a page with all kinds of useful programs for DigitaOS (including the MP3 player)
Digita World - scripts and applications for DigitaOS
DC260 FAQ.
eMail: 6zd9i9ofw001@sneakemail.com