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$Id: ChangeLog,v 1.20 2005/03/25 18:52:03 adrian Exp $

2005-03-25 Adrian <>
	- implemented a searchbar like firefox has
	- and probably some other changes
	- bumped version to 0.8
	- released as 0.8 the "Like a fox" release

2004-07-03 Adrian <>
	- again almost 2 years since the last release
	- more stock icons
	- new svg icons
	- spec file added
	- .desktop file added
	- many many changes
	- syntax highlighting through gtksourceview
	- gtk2.4 file chooser
	- many bug fixes
	- tag closer (Ctrl+P)
	- configuration dialog
	- drag'n'drop support
	- using a monospace font as default
	- bumped version to 0.7
	- released as 0.7 the "Now in Colour" release

2002-07-21 Adrian <>
	- configuration.c: function for reading and writing strings
	  to configuration file
	- recent.c: new; the functions for the recent files menu
	- startup.c: functions for the recent files menu
	- bugfixes, cleanups
	- bumped version to 0.5
	- released as 0.5
	- erwin.1: man page added

2002-07-15 Adrian <>
	- it has been nearly 3 years since I last had a look
	  at erwin. I thought the project is dead. But after
	  gtk2 has been released, I thought it might be fun
	  to port erwin to gtk2. I also thought, that it is
	  going to be really easy. But it wasn't. Since the
	  main widget erwin uses is the text widget. And the
	  text widget was nearly totally removed from gtk2,
	  because its design was broken. In the last to years
	  I only used qt, so it was really interesting to use
	  gtk again. Another problem was, that my 3 years old
	  code was really weird. But now every problem is 
	  solved. almost.
	- I like C++ more than C
	- now using autconf/automake, they are my friends :)
	- using indent with:
	  -i4 -br -bad -cdw -ce -nut -nbap -brs -nbfda -npsl -sob -nlp
	- all files: port to gtk2 completed, this was a
	  rewrite of all functions using the old gtk_text
	  widget. now using gtk_text_view and gtk_text_buffer
	- startup.c: introducing command line switches
	- configuration.c: now using a configuration file
	  in xml. until now position and size of window
	  is saved and restored; this requires libxml2
	- a new icon
	- erwin.c: using the new icon; cleaner, nicer, better,
	  saner; lot of cleanups and rewrites; everywhere
	- erwindialogs.c: a nicer about dialog, with the new
	- erwinfunctions.c: the syntax_highlighting was removed,
	  because it was broken. Maybe the gtk_text_view will
	  have syntax highlighting in one of the next releases.
	  That would make it really easy for me :)
	- erwinfunctions.c: if libgtkhtml2 is found, then a 
	  button appears, which opens a new page displaying
	  the rendered html page. This is really a completely
	  new feature.
	- tried to remove some of the global variables
	- bumped version to 0.4
	- released as 0.4 with a new shiny metal website
* Sat Jul 24 Adrian Reber <>
	- version 0.3.0
	- multiple document editing
	- simple syntax higlighting
	- included my own widget (gtkmessage) ...

* Wed Jun 30 Adrian Reber <>
	- version 0.10
	- dialog for font options created ... done
  	- dialog for hyperlink created ... done
        - nearly all tags have been outsourced to an extra file
		-> erwintags.{c,h}
        - all symmetric tags are now inserted by one single
	- After insertion of any tag the text widget is focused again
	- Nearly all string manipulation is now done
	  with glib functions.
	- implemented quite lot of html tags
	- complete rewrite of the save function

* Sun Jun 20 Adrian Reber <>
	- version erwin-0.01-alpha-0.5
	- I hope that it is quiet stable now

* Mon Apr 19 Adrian Reber <>
	- first public alpha release of erwin-0.01-alpha-0.1
	- some basic editor functions are implemented

* Mon Mar 15 1999 David Vogler <>	
	- starting using CVS for better understanding :-) 

* Sun Jan 31 1999 Adrian Reber <>
	- Initial release 0.01 of erwin

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