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androidrun.git AndroidRun Mod - forked from... Alexander Koenig 4 years ago
aseqjoy.git Joystick to ALSA MIDI sequence... Alexander Koenig 3 years ago
bin.git ftpadmin ~/bin Adrian Reber 5 years ago
info.git PHP code running https://ftp... Adrian Reber 4 years ago
kover.git Kover is an easy to use WYSIWY... Adrian Reber 6 years ago
lugesbot.git Unnamed repository; edit this... Alexander Koenig 6 months ago
runuserinit.git Run userinit scripts on Androi... Alexander Koenig 10 months ago
terminatorX-debian.git terminatorX debian package... Alexander Koenig 2 years ago
terminatorX.git terminatorX realtime audio... Alexander Koenig 2 years ago
unitile.git Gnome-Shell extension to enabl... Alexander Koenig 8 months ago
vompilirc.git Translate LIRC events to VOMP... Alexander Koenig 4 years ago