2014-02-07 Adrian Reberdisable pcbsd mirror; they do no longer provide a rsync... master
2014-01-26 Adrian Reberinclude rsync client distribution map
2014-01-26 Adrian Reberalso handle linuxmint; draw rsync client map
2014-01-26 Adrian Reberno longer exclude debuginfo
2014-01-26 Adrian Rebersync all DVDs
2014-01-26 Adrian Reberremove ccux; re-enable livna
2013-03-08 Adrian Reberadded fuduntu mirrors
2013-03-08 Adrian Reberhandle freebsd
2012-11-22 Adrian Reberadded freebsd
2012-11-22 Adrian ReberI2 servers have been disabled temporarily
2012-11-22 Adrian Reberbugfix
2012-11-22 Adrian Reberadd information about http/rsync/ftp to database
2012-09-14 Adrian Rebersync to secondary
2012-08-01 Adrian Reberdisable freshrpms; seems dead
2012-07-04 Adrian Rebersome fixes for better parsing
2012-07-04 Adrian Rebersync from I2 master
2012-07-04 Adrian Reberproftpd mirror network has been decommisioned
2012-05-20 Adrian Rebertimeout after 86400 seconds (lockfile and rsync)
2011-06-28 Adrian Reberadded support for secondary mirror server
2011-06-28 Adrian Reberpush SL to Stuttgart mirror
2010-02-04 Adrian Reberadd scientific mirror script
2010-02-04 Adrian Reberalso run report_mirror for rpmfusion
2010-02-04 Adrian Reberadapt to new matplotlib
2009-07-23 Adrian Rebercreate client maps for each mirrored project
2009-07-17 Adrian Reberalso generate a world map which documents from where...
2009-07-16 Adrian Reberstore IPs from clients (global and per project)
2009-06-29 Adrian shell wrapper script for
2009-06-29 Adrian add second parameter for output directory
2009-06-29 Adrian create a pie chart, visualizing disk...
2009-06-22 Adrian Reberre-licensed under MIT/X11 (instead of previous GPLv3)
2009-06-02 Adrian Rebergzip output
2009-06-01 Adrian ReberAdded informational output if started with '-v'
2009-06-01 Adrian Reberupdated report_mirror script from fedora
2009-06-01 Adrian Reberignore every mirror which starts with '?'
2009-04-30 Adrian Reberremove double slashes and '/./' from URLs
2009-03-06 Adrian Reberexclude links pointing to non existing directories
2009-03-06 Adrian Reberadded opensuse mirror script
2009-02-11 Adrian Reberadd the date, since when we collect data, to the title
2009-02-11 Adrian Reberexclude black from the list of used colors
2009-02-11 Adrian Reberadded another pie chart creater for the overall traffic...
2009-02-10 Adrian Reberadded mirror-debian-cd
2009-02-09 Adrian Reberduring the update to F10 the format for the syslog...
2009-02-09 Adrian ReberSleep some time if the cron script defines a timeout...
2008-12-18 Adrian Rebermirrortraffic: added another pattern to optimize mirror...
2008-12-18 Adrian Rebermirrortraffic: create links in the output
2008-12-15 Adrian Rebermirrortraffic: write traffic breakdown result to a...
2008-08-23 Adrian Reberadded mirror script for rpmfusion
2008-08-23 Adrian Reberadded two more entries to mirror name cleanup method
2008-07-09 Adrian Rebernew fedora-secondary mirror script
2008-07-09 Adrian Reberadapt to changes to the mirror layout
2008-07-04 Adrian Reberpython wants "oe" and not "รถ"
2008-07-01 Adrian Rebermake it GPLv3
2008-07-01 Adrian Reberadded license header
2008-07-01 Adrian Reberadded another partition to the hardlinker
2008-04-28 Adrian Reberapplied two patches to report_mirror which have been...
2008-04-28 Adrian Reberfiltering out all requests starting with '..' and '?C'
2008-04-20 Adrian Reberanother mirror name translation
2008-04-03 Adrian Reberadded another string to optimize_mirror_name()
2008-04-03 Adrian Reberadded fedora's report_mirror
2008-04-03 Adrian Reberadded MISSING-FILE optimize_mirror_name()
2008-04-01 Adrian Reberthere is no asp-linux since a very long time - hide...
2008-04-01 Adrian Reberadded different css classes to table rows in created...
2008-03-28 Adrian Reberusing class definitions from css file for better html...
2008-03-28 Adrian Reberadded more to optimize_mirror_name() and added optimize...
2008-03-28 Adrian ReberMerge /home/staff/alex/devel/ftp
2008-03-28 Alexander KoenigSet paths to operational values.
2008-03-28 Alexander KoenigAdded rsync support + some minor cosmetic fixes.
2008-03-26 Adrian Reberpython script to do the actual hardlinking
2008-03-24 Adrian Reberadded to ?C=N;O=A to optimize_mirror_name()
2008-03-20 Adrian Reberadded hardlinker which is used to daily hardlink all...
2008-03-20 Adrian Reberadded transmitted script which reads the amount of...
2008-03-20 Adrian Reberinitial commit of cron functions; used to run all mirro...
2008-03-20 Adrian Reberupdate to also parse logfile and vsftpd log; change...
2008-03-20 Alexander KoenigAdding first experimental version of the mirror traffic...
2008-03-20 Adrian Reberinitial commit