descriptionPHP code running
ownerAdrian Reber
last changeMon, 5 Jan 2015 09:49:07 +0000 (10:49 +0100)
2015-01-05 Adrian Reberhandle empty monthy and daily queries master
2014-02-17 Adrian Rebermove db check to its own function
2014-02-17 Adrian Reberrename $link1 to $link
2014-02-17 Adrian Reberignore string parameters
2014-02-06 Adrian Reberfixed a few "PHP Warning: Invalid argument supplied...
2014-02-01 Adrian ReberFix for "You are *required* to use the date.timezone...
2014-01-24 Adrian Reberadded anchor to directly link to mirror size overview
2012-12-10 Adrian Reberalso read the traffic distribution table and display...
2012-12-10 Adrian Reberadded function to print statistics about mirror size...
2012-12-10 Adrian Reberthe file was not in git yet
2012-12-10 Adrian Reberupdated with new hardware information
2012-12-10 Adrian Reberupdate bandwidth
2012-12-10 Adrian Reberadd option to color the bars depending on the type...
2011-10-14 Adrian Reberuse existing function to draw the daily vertical bars
2011-10-14 Adrian Reberadd secondary mirror server information
2011-10-14 Adrian Reberadd information about secondary server
5 years ago master