2013-01-15 Adrian Reberfix fsf-address master
2013-01-15 Adrian Reberrequire libcdio>=0.90
2013-01-15 Adrian Reberinclude cdio.h and not cdda.h (thus not requiring libcd...
2013-01-14 Adrian Reberbump version to 6; requires libcdio-0.90
2013-01-14 Adrian Reberfix cdtext usage to work with libcdio 0.90
2012-08-02 Adrian Reberupdate to current www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-2.0.txt
2012-08-02 Adrian Reberfix some more compiler warnings
2012-08-02 Adrian Reberupdate cpack rules
2012-08-02 Adrian Reberfix build and bum version to 5
2009-11-10 Adrian Reberapplied patch from Adi Roiban <adi@roiban.ro>
2009-10-22 Adrian Rebermore if statement simplification
2009-10-21 Adrian Rebersimplified if statements
2009-10-21 Adrian Rebersimplified more if statements; check result for artist...
2009-10-21 Adrian Rebersimplified if statements in downloader
2009-10-21 Adrian Rebersimplified if statements in xml parsing
2009-10-21 Adrian Rebermake getcover a bit more robust to better handle errors
2009-10-20 Adrianuncrustify
2009-10-20 Adrianclean up amazon related (now unused) code
2009-10-20 Adrianalso using discogs for album art
2009-10-20 Adrianreplaced album info with artist art and download it...
2009-10-20 Adrianupdated version to 2
2009-10-20 Adrianprepare transformation from amazon to discogs
2009-06-02 Adrian Rebermake kover.desktop valid
2009-03-02 Adrian Reberignore .git subdirectory when creating the tarball
2009-03-02 Adrian Reberfix compilation errors with gcc 4.4
2008-11-15 Adrian Rebermake it also build on Mandriva (thanks to Nicolas Lécur...
2008-11-13 Adrian Reberfixed "cast from ‘char*’ to ‘int’ loses precision"
2008-11-13 Adrian Reberconverted THANKS and ChangeLog to UTF-8
2008-11-13 Adrian Reberadded cpack rules to create a tarball
2008-11-13 Adrian Reberremoved all the old code
2008-11-13 Adrian Reberreplaced the wrong with the correct desktop file
2008-11-13 Adrian Reberadded mime type information
2008-11-13 Adrian Reberadded config.h.cmake
2008-11-13 Adrian Reberadded man page installation rule to CMakeLists
2008-11-13 Adrian Reberremoved reference to cddb-id(1) from man page
2008-11-13 Adrian Reberhardcoded kover version in the man page
2008-11-13 Adrian Reberrenamed kover.1.in -> kover.1
2008-11-13 Adrian Reberdeleted more old files
2008-11-13 Adrian Reberupdated ChangeLog
2008-11-13 Adrian Reberdeleted old KDE3 admin directory
2008-11-13 Adrian Rebericons have been prefixed with kover_ because they are...
2008-11-13 Adrian Reber* changed icon for font selection
2008-11-13 Adrian Reberadd icons subdirectory to CMakeLists.txt
2008-11-13 Adrian Rebernew cmakefile for icons subdirectory
2008-11-13 Adrian Reberrenamed files to have a kover_ prefix
2008-11-13 Adrian Rebermoved icons to the new location at src/icons
2008-11-13 Adrian Reberreplaced ui file with the actual working version
2008-11-13 Adrian Reberremoved unused files
2008-11-13 Adrian Reberrenamed kover_old.h -> kover.h
2008-11-13 Adrian Reberrenamed config.cc -> kover_config.cc; koverconfig.h...
2008-11-12 Adrian Reberremoved unused kover.h header file reference
2008-11-12 Adrian Reberremoved unsued example code
2008-11-12 Adrian Reberapplied coding style with uncrustify
2008-11-12 Adrian Reberapplied coding style with uncrustify
2008-11-12 Adrian Reberall printouts are now using kprintf
2008-11-12 Adrian Reberfixed printing
2008-11-12 Adrian Reberfixed right spine text
2008-06-12 Adrian Reberremoved a few linebreaks
2008-06-12 Adrian Reberfixed image handling
2008-06-12 Adrian Reberinclude statements re-ordered
2008-06-12 Adrian Reberremoved compiler warnings by re-ordering includes
2008-06-05 Adrian Reberuncrustify
2008-06-04 Adrian Reberre-enabled without cd functionality
2008-06-03 Adrian Reberuncrustify
2008-06-03 Adrian Reberusing the enums for image target and image mode
2008-06-03 Adrian Reberuncrustify
2008-06-03 Adrian Reberrenamed imagedlg/ImageDlg to id
2008-06-03 Adrian Reberrewrote ImageDlg class
2008-06-01 Adrian Rebersimplified complicated switch statement which was doing...
2008-05-18 Adrian Reberuncrustify and added preferred license layout of the day
2008-05-18 Adrian Reberfixed layout of image dialog
2008-05-18 Adrian Reberremoved preview mode for centered images; it only made...
2008-05-18 Adrian Reberexplicitly mention the position of each item in the...
2008-05-18 Adrian Reberrenamed drawInlet() to inlet(); tried to make to code...
2008-05-17 Adrian Reberfactored out the inlet image handling to its own method
2008-05-17 Adrian Reberwe also need to make sure for the booklet
2008-05-17 Adrian Reberfixed normal printout
2008-05-17 Adrian Reberfix second printout
2008-05-14 Adrian Reberexplicitly calling kovertop's stopPreview() to make...
2008-05-14 Adrian Reberbetter printing than before (not working at all) but...
2008-05-14 Adrian Reberuncrustify and cleanup headers
2008-05-14 Adrian Reberadded ESC as valid key sequence to close the preview
2008-05-14 Adrian Rebertrying to exit from kover in actual==true will not...
2008-05-13 Adrian Reberuncrustify
2008-05-13 Adrian Reberset actual variable to false during startup
2008-05-11 Adrian Reberimproved window size handling during actual and preview...
2008-05-11 Adrian Rebermoved and enabled position saving; calling close()...
2008-05-10 Adrian Reberenabled recent files menu again; this produces a compil...
2008-05-10 Adrian Reberre-added Configure Shortcuts menu item
2008-05-10 Adrian Reberadded back all menu and toolbar items
2008-05-10 Adrian Reberdeleted unused includes
2008-05-10 Adrian Reberadded zoom-in, zoom-out and image embedding functions
2008-05-10 Adrian Rebermade kovertop global to support position save and restore
2008-05-10 Adrian Reberuncrustify
2008-05-10 Adrian Reberconstified another string
2008-05-10 Adrian Reberrenamed cdInfo() method to get_info()
2008-05-10 Adrian Reberchanged debug text handling at a few places for better...
2008-05-09 Adrian Reberuncrustify
2008-05-09 Adrian Reberadded eject button back
2008-05-09 Adrian Rebercddb lookups are finally working again