descriptionterminatorX realtime audio synthesizer
ownerAlexander Koenig
last changeSat, 20 Feb 2021 16:59:12 +0000 (17:59 +0100)
5 days ago Alexander KoenigBump to v4.1.0 master RELEASE_4_1_0
5 days ago Alexander KoenigUpdated spec file to actually build on Fedora 33
5 days ago Alexander KoenigMerge latest spec file changes kindly provided by rpmfusion
9 days ago Alexander KoenigDrop pointless paranthesis
10 days ago Alexander KoenigBump set file version due to renamed tags
11 days ago Alexander KoenigResize main window early to fix load dialog position...
11 days ago Alexander KoenigDiscard motion events with the same timestamp
11 days ago Alexander KoenigClang-format the code and some whitespace clean-upswq
11 days ago Alexander KoenigReflect new names in user manual
11 days ago Alexander KoenigRename sync turntable roles
11 days ago Alexander KoenigRename main channel controls
11 days ago Alexander KoenigRename maingui
12 days ago Alexander KoenigFix remaining http URLs
12 days ago Alexander KoenigUpdate headers
2020-03-02 Alexander KoenigDrop the old SVGs that have been replaced with the...
2020-03-02 Alexander KoenigComplete switch to gdk_seat_* API
5 days ago RELEASE_4_1_0
4 years ago RELEASE_4_0_1 Release terminatorX-4.0.1
4 years ago RELEASE_4_0_0 Release terminatorX-4.0.0
7 years ago RELEASE_3_90 Release terminatorX-3.90
10 years ago RELEASE_3_83
16 years ago RELEASE_3_82
16 years ago V1_0
17 years ago RELEASE_3_81
17 years ago RELEASE_0_0_1
17 years ago RELEASE_3_80
17 years ago start
18 years ago RELEASE_3_73
21 years ago release-3_2
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