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descriptionUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository.
ownerAlexander Koenig
last changeThu, 25 Aug 2022 14:31:03 +0000 (16:31 +0200)
2022-08-25 Alexander KoenigBump to v4.2.0 main v4.2.0
2022-08-25 Alexander KoenigUpdate terminatorX logo
2022-08-23 Alexander KoenigAdd a workflow to build tarballs vTARBALL_TEST_1
2022-08-23 Alexander KoenigAdd new target to build .gz and bzip2 from the same...
2022-08-21 Alexander KoenigAdd missing dependency to spec file to fix fc36 build.
2022-07-08 Hugh McMasterconfigure.ac: Use PKG_CHECK_MODULES to find libxml2
2022-07-08 Hugh McMasterconfigure.ac: Drop checks for libxml 1.x
2022-07-08 Hugh McMasterconfigure.ac: Allow cross-compiling with pkg-config
2022-06-25 Alexander KoenigFix lower guidline color for the VU meters
2022-06-21 Alexander KoenigUpdate headers
2022-06-21 Alexander KoenigFix button compatibility with Yaru
2022-06-20 Alexander KoenigTweaking the Sinc interpolator
2022-06-20 Alexander KoenigUpdate to current autotools syntax
2022-06-19 Alexander KoenigAdd sinc based sample interpolation
2021-12-17 Alexander KoenigFix jack related crash on shutdown
2021-11-04 Alexander KoenigFix clang warnings
5 weeks ago v4.2.0 v4.2.0
19 months ago RELEASE_4_1_0
6 years ago RELEASE_4_0_1 Release terminatorX-4.0.1
6 years ago RELEASE_4_0_0 Release terminatorX-4.0.0
8 years ago RELEASE_3_90 Release terminatorX-3.90
11 years ago RELEASE_3_83
17 years ago RELEASE_3_82
17 years ago V1_0
19 years ago RELEASE_3_81
19 years ago RELEASE_0_0_1
19 years ago RELEASE_3_80
19 years ago start
20 years ago RELEASE_3_73
23 years ago release-3_2
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