Remove legacy Xinput/Xdga autoconf + configuration options.
[terminatorX.git] /
2016-05-10 Alexander KoenigRemove legacy Xinput/Xdga autoconf + configuration...
2016-05-08 Alexander KoenigMerge branch 'master' of
2014-10-27 Alexander KoenigInitial work on a pulse audio backend, already plays...
2014-02-17 Alexander KoenigInitial gtk3 port. Grabbing/Motion Event issues TBD.
2014-02-15 Alexander KoenigRemove legacy pre-filechooser code.
2014-02-12 Alexander KoenigBump version to V3.90. RELEASE_3_90
2014-02-07 Alexander KoenigReclaim the capital X in the package's tarball name.
2014-01-31 Alexander KoenigCatch up on autotool and gnome doc changes.