Fix behaviour of the expanders in the about dialog.
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2016-06-24 Alexander KoenigFix behaviour of the expanders in the about dialog.
2016-06-21 Alexander KoenigHighlight recently played audio samples (configurable).
2016-06-16 Alexander KoenigAddress some compiler warnings.
2016-06-15 Alexander KoenigSwitch pulseaudio driver to complex api for low latency...
2016-05-19 Alexander KoenigRender tX_icon from png - this eliminates the last...
2016-05-12 Alexander KoenigFix several compiler warnings and build issues detected...
2016-05-12 Alexander KoenigIt's 2016.
2016-05-12 Alexander KoenigUpdate deprecated gtk3 code.
2016-05-11 Alexander KoenigFix some g_object/gtk warnings.
2016-05-11 Alexander KoenigAllow manual override of automatic knob size adjustment.
2016-05-10 Alexander KoenigRemove legacy Xinput/Xdga autoconf + configuration...
2016-05-08 Alexander KoenigMerge branch 'master' of
2014-10-27 Alexander KoenigInitial work on a pulse audio backend, already plays...
2014-03-12 Alexander KoenigMerged a spelling fix patch kindly provided by Alessio...
2014-02-17 Alexander KoenigInitial gtk3 port. Grabbing/Motion Event issues TBD.
2014-01-31 Alexander KoenigCatch up on autotool and gnome doc changes.
2014-01-27 Alexander KoenigDe-clutter 'About' dialog.
2014-01-27 Alexander KoenigUpdate GPL2 text and headers to latest wording.
2014-01-27 Alexander KoenigDrop incomplete and outdated Changes section from heade...
2014-01-26 Alexander KoenigDrop glade project files, once generated code is now...
2014-01-21 Alexander KoenigMoving to cairo and misc other fixes - getting there.
2014-01-20 Alexander KoenigMore gtk+2 deprecation fixes.
2014-01-19 Alexander KoenigAddressing gtk+ 2 deprecations.
2011-01-30 Alexander KoenigFixing the character set (now utf-8).
2011-01-23 Alexander KoenigFix menubar on master gui.
2008-04-10 Alexander KoenigTwo more years.
2006-01-03 Alexander KoenigAdding hide button tooltips - Alex
2005-12-05 Alexander Koeniggcc 4.0 fixes, 2005, and more - Alex
2004-02-06 Alexander KoenigVerbose plugin loading, code and minor gui cleanups...
2004-02-03 Alexander KoenigBunch of changes, most notably stereo VU meters, LADSPA...
2003-08-19 Alexander KoenigCapability fix (rt'ing engine instead of gui) - Alex
2003-08-18 Alexander KoenigMoslty cleanups and minor fixes - Alex
2003-08-17 Alexander KoenigCorrect use of gtk_widget_set_size_request() - Alex
2003-08-17 Alexander KoenigMIDI set_sync_client fix, cleanups, compilation fixes...
2003-08-16 Alexander KoenigAdding support for Linux' POSIX capabilities - Alex
2003-08-13 Alexander KoenigMostly code cleanups (no more deprecated calls), GUI...
2003-08-12 Alexander Koeniggdk_pixbuf'ed window icon + JACK fixes - Alex
2003-08-07 Alexander KoenigJack shutdown, master volume fixes - Alex
2003-08-02 Alexander KoenigColors customizable - 'w' + 'f' "fix" - Alex
2003-07-18 Alexander KoenigALSA fixes, MIDI fixes and some new features, misc...
2003-06-26 Alexander KoenigPartially fixing ALSA device selection + env. variables...
2003-06-11 Alexander KoenigThings for Sonar - Alex
2003-06-09 Alexander KoenigMIDI GIOcallback fix, code cleanup - Alex
2003-04-12 Alexander KoenigMore fixes - compiles with -Wall -Werror now, better...
2003-04-10 Alexander KoenigMore fixes - Alex
2003-04-09 Alexander KoenigFixing things - Alex
2003-03-31 Alexander KoenigAdding support for writing zlib compressed set files...
2003-03-28 Alexander KoenigRemoving all 3dnow/MMX stuff - it was broken anyway...
2003-03-28 Alexander KoenigMostly ALSA fixing - Alex
2003-03-25 Alexander KoenigYippie! fixed block size rendering, slower but way...
2003-03-22 Alexander KoenigHalf-working ALSA backend - Alex
2003-03-20 Alexander KoenigMore glade GUI stuff, getting closer to ALSA playback...
2003-03-19 Alexander KoenigMisc stuff, adding new glade stuff - Alex
2002-11-20 Alexander KoenigXML serialization for set files, bug fixes and a new...
2002-09-14 Alexander KoenigRemoving the separator - Alex
2002-09-14 Alexander KoenigNew icons - can't remember the rest - Alex
2002-09-14 Alexander Koenigaudiofile support + improved sample rate support +...
2002-09-13 Alexander Koeniglibvorbis for ogg - Alex
2002-05-29 Alexander KoenigPthreads again, and some gtk+ fixes - Alex
2002-05-18 Alexander KoenigChanges for the upcomming 3.73 release - Alex
2002-01-03 Alexander KoenigCopyright fixes and mpg321 support - Alex
2002-01-02 Alexander KoenigFixing รถ's. Alex
2001-11-30 Alexander Koenig3DNow, gcc fix, many cleanups (code and docs) - Alex
2001-06-27 Alexander Koenigendian "fix" in
2001-03-10 Alexander KoenigAdrian's patches and experimental Stereo stuff - Alex
2000-11-20 Alexander KoenigUpdate to Release 3.70 - Alex
2000-08-31 Alexander KoenigChecked in terminatorX pre-3.65 - finally ;) - Alex
2000-08-31 Alexander KoenigRemoved them *really* old sources - Alex
1999-10-14 Alexander KoenigAlex: Added the new sources for terminatorX 3.5