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Fix preferences for UI colors.
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2016-05-14 Alexander KoenigDisable event compression when scratching to improve...
2016-05-13 Alexander KoenigFix RPM build for current Fedora rawhide.
2016-05-12 Alexander KoenigIt's 2016.
2016-05-11 Alexander KoenigOpen '/dev/input/mice' early before dropping root privi...
2016-05-09 Alexander KoenigRemember key press states so that we can stop messing...
2016-05-08 Alexander KoenigReplace broken DGA with direct linux input reader ...
2014-02-17 Alexander KoenigInitial gtk3 port. Grabbing/Motion Event issues TBD.
2014-01-31 Alexander KoenigMerge 24-missing_include.patch provided by Alessio...
2014-01-27 Alexander KoenigUpdate GPL2 text and headers to latest wording.
2014-01-20 Alexander KoenigMore gtk+2 deprecation fixes.
2011-01-30 Alexander KoenigFixing the character set (now utf-8).
2011-01-30 Alexander KoenigWork around duplicate button-press-events and gtk-auto...
2011-01-25 Alexander KoenigSupport older gdk versions.
2011-01-24 Alexander Koenigxlib->gdk as far as possible.
2011-01-24 Alexander KoenigXxfdga only when available, beginnings of the new tX_mouse.
2011-01-23 Alexander KoenigFix menubar on master gui.
2008-04-10 Alexander KoenigTwo more years.
2006-01-03 Alexander KoenigAdding hide button tooltips - Alex
2005-12-05 Alexander Koeniggcc 4.0 fixes, 2005, terminatorX.org and more - Alex
2004-02-03 Alexander KoenigBunch of changes, most notably stereo VU meters, LADSPA...
2003-08-02 Alexander KoenigColors customizable - 'w' + 'f' "fix" - Alex
2003-03-19 Alexander KoenigMisc stuff, adding new glade stuff - Alex
2002-05-18 Alexander KoenigChanges for the upcomming 3.73 release - Alex
2002-01-03 Alexander KoenigCopyright fixes and mpg321 support - Alex
2001-06-26 Alexander Koenigfixed wav-write, xfree-4-input-hack and adrian's solo...
2000-08-31 Alexander KoenigChecked in terminatorX pre-3.65 - finally ;) - Alex
2000-08-31 Alexander KoenigRemoved them *really* old sources - Alex
1999-10-14 Alexander KoenigAlex: Added the new sources for terminatorX 3.5