Rework vttgui, old up/down buttons are gone, hello drag'n'drop!
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2016-07-18 Alexander KoenigDrop trailing whitespace from appdata.xml and SPEC...
2016-06-19 Alexander KoenigUpdate Fedora spec file to match latest installation...
2016-05-13 Alexander KoenigFix RPM build for current Fedora rawhide.
2016-05-12 Alexander KoenigUpdate RPM dependencies.
2014-02-07 Alexander KoenigFix SPEC, now compiles on F20.
2014-02-07 Alexander KoenigAdd missing dependencies to SPEC file and correct bogus...
2014-02-06 Alexander KoenigFix icon installation destinations.
2014-02-01 Alexander KoenigMerge RPMFusion SPEC file changes, drop legacy work...
2014-01-31 Alexander KoenigCatch up on autotool and gnome doc changes.
2005-12-05 terminatorXgcc 4.0 fixes, 2005, and more - Alex
2003-08-22 terminatorXMinor doc fixes - Alex
2003-08-18 terminatorXMoslty cleanups and minor fixes - Alex
2003-06-26 terminatorXPartially fixing ALSA device selection + env. variables...
2003-04-12 terminatorXFixes and results of some serious valgrinding - Alex
2003-04-10 terminatorXMore fixes - Alex
2002-11-24 terminatorXautoconf updates - Alex
2002-09-17 terminatorXSpec stuff - Alex
2002-09-14 terminatorXNew icons - can't remember the rest - Alex
2002-05-31 terminatorXAdded Adrian's man page to the spec file - Alex
2001-06-27 adrianspec file included.