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2022-08-25 Alexander KoenigBump to v4.2.0 main v4.2.0
2022-08-25 Alexander KoenigUpdate terminatorX logo
2022-08-23 Alexander KoenigAdd a workflow to build tarballs vTARBALL_TEST_1
2022-08-23 Alexander KoenigAdd new target to build .gz and bzip2 from the same...
2022-08-21 Alexander KoenigAdd missing dependency to spec file to fix fc36 build.
2022-07-08 Hugh McMasterconfigure.ac: Use PKG_CHECK_MODULES to find libxml2
2022-07-08 Hugh McMasterconfigure.ac: Drop checks for libxml 1.x
2022-07-08 Hugh McMasterconfigure.ac: Allow cross-compiling with pkg-config
2022-06-25 Alexander KoenigFix lower guidline color for the VU meters
2022-06-21 Alexander KoenigUpdate headers
2022-06-21 Alexander KoenigFix button compatibility with Yaru
2022-06-20 Alexander KoenigTweaking the Sinc interpolator
2022-06-20 Alexander KoenigUpdate to current autotools syntax
2022-06-19 Alexander KoenigAdd sinc based sample interpolation
2021-12-17 Alexander KoenigFix jack related crash on shutdown
2021-11-04 Alexander KoenigFix clang warnings
2021-11-01 Adrian ReberWhitespace cleanup
2021-11-01 Adrian ReberRename more markdown files to *.md
2021-11-01 Adrian ReberRemove unused .cvsignore files
2021-11-01 Adrian ReberActually run 'make indent'
2021-11-01 Adrian ReberAdded CI rule to run 'make indent'
2021-10-31 Adrian ReberRemove trailing whitespaces
2021-10-31 Adrian ReberRename markdown files to .md to have them rendered...
2021-10-31 Adrian ReberAdd simple ci (just build tX)
2021-10-31 Adrian ReberRemove .cvsignore
2021-09-06 Alexander KoenigMerge patches from the upcoming 4.1.0 Debian package
2021-02-20 Alexander KoenigBump to v4.1.0 RELEASE_4_1_0
2021-02-19 Alexander KoenigUpdated spec file to actually build on Fedora 33
2021-02-19 Alexander KoenigMerge latest spec file changes kindly provided by rpmfusion
2021-02-15 Alexander KoenigDrop pointless paranthesis
2021-02-14 Alexander KoenigBump set file version due to renamed tags
2021-02-14 Alexander KoenigResize main window early to fix load dialog position...
2021-02-14 Alexander KoenigDiscard motion events with the same timestamp
2021-02-14 Alexander KoenigClang-format the code and some whitespace clean-upswq
2021-02-13 Alexander KoenigReflect new names in user manual
2021-02-13 Alexander KoenigRename sync turntable roles
2021-02-13 Alexander KoenigRename main channel controls
2021-02-13 Alexander KoenigRename maingui
2021-02-13 Alexander KoenigFix remaining http URLs
2021-02-12 Alexander KoenigUpdate headers
2020-03-02 Alexander KoenigDrop the old SVGs that have been replaced with the...
2020-03-02 Alexander KoenigComplete switch to gdk_seat_* API
2020-02-29 Alexander KoenigWorkaround compiler warnings and gtk+ deprecations
2020-02-29 Alexander KoenigMerge 29-clean-built-sources.patch
2020-02-29 Alexander KoenigMerge 28-yelp-tools.patch
2020-02-29 Alexander KoenigMerge 27-kfreebsd.patch
2020-02-29 Alexander KoenigMerge 25-libdl_underlinkage.patch
2020-02-29 Alexander KoenigMerge 17_cleanup_desktop_file.patch
2020-02-28 Alexander KoenigPretty colors everywhere!
2020-02-24 Alexander KoenigIt's 2020...
2020-02-24 Alexander KoenigRework vttgui, old up/down buttons are gone, hello...
2020-02-21 Alexander KoenigUse theme icons instead of the old clunky ones
2020-02-18 Alexander KoenigDisable OSS by default and fix compilation with OSS...
2016-07-24 Alexander KoenigBump version to 4.0.1. RELEASE_4_0_1
2016-07-24 Alexander KoenigFix unintentional unicode character.
2016-07-18 Alexander KoenigDrop trailing whitespace from appdata.xml and SPEC...
2016-07-18 Alexander KoenigAdd a missing backslash.
2016-07-18 Alexander KoenigProvide a more useful error message when trying to...
2016-07-18 Alexander KoenigActually use PULSE when defaulting to PULSE.
2016-07-18 Alexander KoenigProhibit selection of PulseAudio backend if configured...
2016-06-26 Alexander KoenigLet's call it 4.0.0, shall we? RELEASE_4_0_0
2016-06-25 Alexander KoenigAdd a tiny bit of space right of the text entry fields.
2016-06-25 Alexander KoenigAvoid setting the source colour when it is set already.
2016-06-24 Alexander KoenigMigrate ASCII docs to markdown and update contents...
2016-06-24 Alexander KoenigFix behaviour of the expanders in the about dialog.
2016-06-24 Alexander KoenigAdapt .keys file to the increased icon size.
2016-06-23 Alexander KoenigFix preferences for UI colors.
2016-06-23 Alexander KoenigImplement render buffers for tX_widget to work around...
2016-06-22 Alexander KoenigAdd missing SVG icons for minimized control/audio displays.
2016-06-21 Alexander KoenigHighlight recently played audio samples (configurable).
2016-06-21 Alexander KoenigStop using gdk_scroll_window() seems to just invalidate...
2016-06-19 Alexander KoenigWorkaround resizing issues in tX_widget.c with extra...
2016-06-19 Alexander KoenigFix xmllint errors.
2016-06-19 Alexander KoenigUpdate Fedora spec file to match latest installation...
2016-06-19 Alexander KoenigImplicit suidroot installation is probably not a good...
2016-06-18 Alexander KoenigSwitch pulseaudio writes to memcpy for efficiency.
2016-06-17 Alexander KoenigAdd configuration flag to skip warning about input...
2016-06-17 Alexander KoenigCounters should be unsigned.
2016-06-17 Alexander KoenigFix the zoom for tX_widget - at least a bit.
2016-06-17 Alexander KoenigFix callback signature, unfortunately scroll events...
2016-06-17 Alexander KoenigAdd a freedesktop appdata file.
2016-06-16 Alexander KoenigEnable mouse wheel zooming on audio display widgets.
2016-06-16 Alexander KoenigManual updates.
2016-06-16 Alexander KoenigAddress some compiler warnings.
2016-06-15 Alexander KoenigSwitch pulseaudio driver to complex api for low latency...
2016-05-19 Alexander KoenigFix regression introduced with 54a71a0f3507178f517b454c...
2016-05-19 Alexander KoenigRender tX_icon from png - this eliminates the last...
2016-05-18 Alexander KoenigSwitch pbutton icons from deprecated inline pixbuf...
2016-05-14 Alexander KoenigDisable event compression when scratching to improve...
2016-05-14 Alexander KoenigRemove further deprecated GTK+ API usage.
2016-05-14 Alexander KoenigLoad high-res knobs for the tX_dial as GResource.
2016-05-13 Alexander KoenigFix RPM build for current Fedora rawhide.
2016-05-13 Alexander KoenigFix mnemonics for the buttons.
2016-05-12 Alexander KoenigFix main menu menmonics and separators.
2016-05-12 Alexander KoenigIgnore temporary autoconf files.
2016-05-12 Alexander KoenigFix several compiler warnings and build issues detected...
2016-05-12 Alexander KoenigUpdate RPM dependencies.
2016-05-12 Alexander KoenigIt's 2016.
2016-05-12 Alexander KoenigUpdate deprecated gtk3 code.
2016-05-12 Alexander KoenigX11 is now optional.