2016-05-12 Alexander KoenigFix several compiler warnings and build issues detected...
2016-05-12 Alexander KoenigUpdate RPM dependencies.
2016-05-12 Alexander KoenigIt's 2016.
2016-05-12 Alexander KoenigUpdate deprecated gtk3 code.
2016-05-12 Alexander KoenigX11 is now optional.
2016-05-11 Alexander KoenigFix some g_object/gtk warnings.
2016-05-11 Alexander KoenigAllow manual override of automatic knob size adjustment.
2016-05-11 Alexander KoenigOpen '/dev/input/mice' early before dropping root privi...
2016-05-11 Alexander KoenigInstall terminatorX setuid root - can be disabled via...
2016-05-11 Alexander KoenigReduce 'git status' noise by ingoring the common build...
2016-05-10 Alexander KoenigRemove legacy Xinput/Xdga autoconf + configuration...
2016-05-09 Alexander KoenigScale the dial knobs according to the default font...
2016-05-09 Alexander KoenigRemember key press states so that we can stop messing...
2016-05-09 Alexander KoenigFix long outstanding bug with LADSPA plugin parameter...
2016-05-08 Alexander KoenigReplace broken DGA with direct linux input reader ...
2016-05-08 Alexander KoenigAnother entry suddenly unnecessarily too wide.
2016-05-08 Alexander KoenigMerge branch 'master' of lisas.de:/home/staff/alex...
2016-05-08 Alexander KoenigFix entry width for the extended dials.
2014-10-27 Alexander KoenigInitial work on a pulse audio backend, already plays...
2014-03-12 Alexander KoenigMerged a spelling fix patch kindly provided by Alessio...
2014-02-24 Alexander KoenigStops sending value_changed signals manually, GtkAdjust...
2014-02-17 Alexander KoenigInitial gtk3 port. Grabbing/Motion Event issues TBD.
2014-02-15 Alexander KoenigRemove legacy pre-filechooser code.
2014-02-15 Alexander KoenigFix 'File' menu on Unity - only stock text was shown.
2014-02-15 Alexander KoenigReplace logo with secured version.
2014-02-12 Alexander KoenigBump version to V3.90. RELEASE_3_90
2014-02-10 Alexander KoenigErase entry for document that no longer exists.
2014-02-08 Alexander KoenigAuto generate ChangeLog for 'dist' target as found...
2014-02-08 Alexander KoenigQuit browsing like it is 1999.
2014-02-08 Alexander KoenigDrop www. not covered by SSL cert.
2014-02-07 Alexander KoenigFix SPEC, now compiles on F20.
2014-02-07 Alexander KoenigReclaim the capital X in the package's tarball name.
2014-02-07 Alexander KoenigAdd missing dependencies to SPEC file and correct bogus...
2014-02-06 Alexander KoenigAdd autogen.sh to dist tarball.
2014-02-06 Alexander KoenigFix malformed XML.
2014-02-06 Alexander KoenigFix icon installation destinations.
2014-02-02 Alexander KoenigAdd xpm icon alternative from Debian package.
2014-02-01 Alexander KoenigMerge RPMFusion SPEC file changes, drop legacy work...
2014-02-01 Alexander KoenigMerge gcc44 patch provided by Orcan Ogetbil for RPMFusi...
2014-02-01 Alexander KoenigMerge endian fixes in place in Debian and RPMfusion...
2014-02-01 Alexander KoenigUpdate yelp call to match current yelp revisions.
2014-01-31 Alexander KoenigMerge 20_fix_ftbfs_on_kfreebsd.patch provided by Cyril...
2014-01-31 Alexander KoenigMerge 24-missing_include.patch provided by Alessio...
2014-01-31 Alexander KoenigCatch up on autotool and gnome doc changes.
2014-01-27 Alexander KoenigDe-clutter 'About' dialog.
2014-01-27 Alexander KoenigUpdate GPL2 text and headers to latest wording.
2014-01-27 Alexander KoenigAdd sanity checks in MIDI dialog to avoid segfaults.
2014-01-27 Alexander KoenigDrop incomplete and outdated Changes section from heade...
2014-01-27 Alexander KoenigDrop now unsed pid variables.
2014-01-27 Alexander KoenigRemove automake artefacts from revision control.
2014-01-26 Alexander KoenigDrop glade project files, once generated code is now...
2014-01-26 Alexander KoenigFix Bug #33 Can't save midi attachement to trigger...
2014-01-25 Alexander KoenigUpdate documentation, remove obsolete info.
2014-01-23 Alexander KoenigDelay jack init on startup when not configured as audio...
2014-01-21 Alexander KoenigMoving to cairo and misc other fixes - getting there.
2014-01-20 Alexander KoenigMore gtk+2 deprecation fixes.
2014-01-19 Alexander KoenigAddressing gtk+ 2 deprecations.
2011-11-26 terminatorXMerge patches from Dan Church for terminatorX Bugs...
2011-11-13 terminatorXFix terminatorX bug #29:
2011-02-08 terminatorXFix readme
2011-02-08 terminatorXPull from web CVS
2011-02-05 terminatorXUpdate to terminatorX.org
2011-01-30 terminatorXFixing the character set (now utf-8).
2011-01-30 terminatorXUpdates.
2011-01-30 terminatorXWork around duplicate button-press-events and gtk-auto...
2011-01-29 terminatorXBorder fixed.
2011-01-29 terminatorXDeadlock fix.
2011-01-25 terminatorXFix press mask enable 64bit tX_debugging.
2011-01-25 terminatorXSupport older gdk versions.
2011-01-24 terminatorXxlib->gdk as far as possible.
2011-01-24 terminatorXXxfdga only when available, beginnings of the new tX_mouse.
2011-01-23 terminatorXFix spin button adjustments.
2011-01-23 terminatorXFix compiler errors
2011-01-23 terminatorXFix menubar on master gui.
2008-04-10 terminatorXTwo more years.
2008-04-10 terminatorXIgnore .cproject, too.
2008-04-10 terminatorXCheck for minimum priority.
2008-04-10 terminatorXSettle for lower realtime priority in case max is not...
2006-03-12 terminatorXCharacter encodings - how I hate them - Alex
2006-03-12 terminatorXFix a tiny libxml related warning - Alex
2006-03-12 terminatorXfix issues when snd-seq is not loaded or accessible...
2006-02-07 terminatorXCommiting forgotten files - Alex
2006-01-03 terminatorXAdding hide button tooltips - Alex
2005-12-05 terminatorXgcc 4.0 fixes, 2005, terminatorX.org and more - Alex
2005-02-22 terminatorXChecking for gtk+ 2.4 and keeping audio turned on ...
2004-11-03 terminatorXFix all compiler warnings (for gcc>3) - Alex
2004-11-02 terminatorXFix panel min/maximized loading and save scrollbar...
2004-11-02 terminatorXPreparing 3.82 - Alex
2004-11-01 terminatorXFix a liblrdf usage bug - Alex
2004-11-01 terminatorXProper cvsignorance - Alex
2004-11-01 terminatorXSilence annoying ALSA output, minor GUI tweaks - Alex
2004-10-30 terminatorXMore file choosers and misc other fixes - Alex.
2004-10-29 terminatorXAll icons in src/icons - Alex
2004-10-29 terminatorXPreparing knob/icon replacement - Alex
2004-10-26 terminatorXRemoving legal.xml - no longer required - Alex
2004-10-26 terminatorXFixing a stereo_fx related bug, manual updates - Alex
2004-10-25 terminatorXAdded reverse MIDI mapping - Alex
2004-08-26 terminatorXMake it compile with g++ 3.4 - Alex
2004-07-16 terminatorXIntroducing the new ChangeLog - Alex
2004-07-15 terminatorXComplete Martin's name - Alex