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ownerAlexander Koenig
last changeFri, 17 Dec 2021 08:44:21 +0000 (09:44 +0100)
2021-12-17 Alexander KoenigFix jack related crash on shutdown main
2021-11-04 Alexander KoenigFix clang warnings
2021-11-01 Adrian ReberWhitespace cleanup
2021-11-01 Adrian ReberRename more markdown files to *.md
2021-11-01 Adrian ReberRemove unused .cvsignore files
2021-11-01 Adrian ReberActually run 'make indent'
2021-11-01 Adrian ReberAdded CI rule to run 'make indent'
2021-10-31 Adrian ReberRemove trailing whitespaces
2021-10-31 Adrian ReberRename markdown files to .md to have them rendered...
2021-10-31 Adrian ReberAdd simple ci (just build tX)
2021-10-31 Adrian ReberRemove .cvsignore
2021-09-06 Alexander KoenigMerge patches from the upcoming 4.1.0 Debian package
2021-02-20 Alexander KoenigBump to v4.1.0 RELEASE_4_1_0
2021-02-19 Alexander KoenigUpdated spec file to actually build on Fedora 33
2021-02-19 Alexander KoenigMerge latest spec file changes kindly provided by rpmfusion
2021-02-15 Alexander KoenigDrop pointless paranthesis
15 months ago RELEASE_4_1_0
5 years ago RELEASE_4_0_1 Release terminatorX-4.0.1
5 years ago RELEASE_4_0_0 Release terminatorX-4.0.0
8 years ago RELEASE_3_90 Release terminatorX-3.90
11 years ago RELEASE_3_83
17 years ago RELEASE_3_82
17 years ago V1_0
18 years ago RELEASE_3_81
19 years ago RELEASE_0_0_1
19 years ago RELEASE_3_80
19 years ago start
19 years ago RELEASE_3_73
22 years ago release-3_2
5 months ago main