descriptionterminatorX realtime audio synthesizer
ownerAlexander Koenig
last changeSat, 20 Feb 2021 16:59:12 +0000 (17:59 +0100)
2021-02-20 Alexander KoenigBump to v4.1.0 master RELEASE_4_1_0
2021-02-19 Alexander KoenigUpdated spec file to actually build on Fedora 33
2021-02-19 Alexander KoenigMerge latest spec file changes kindly provided by rpmfusion
2021-02-15 Alexander KoenigDrop pointless paranthesis
2021-02-14 Alexander KoenigBump set file version due to renamed tags
2021-02-14 Alexander KoenigResize main window early to fix load dialog position...
2021-02-14 Alexander KoenigDiscard motion events with the same timestamp
2021-02-14 Alexander KoenigClang-format the code and some whitespace clean-upswq
2021-02-13 Alexander KoenigReflect new names in user manual
2021-02-13 Alexander KoenigRename sync turntable roles
2021-02-13 Alexander KoenigRename main channel controls
2021-02-13 Alexander KoenigRename maingui
2021-02-13 Alexander KoenigFix remaining http URLs
2021-02-12 Alexander KoenigUpdate headers
2020-03-02 Alexander KoenigDrop the old SVGs that have been replaced with the...
2020-03-02 Alexander KoenigComplete switch to gdk_seat_* API
7 months ago RELEASE_4_1_0
5 years ago RELEASE_4_0_1 Release terminatorX-4.0.1
5 years ago RELEASE_4_0_0 Release terminatorX-4.0.0
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