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 2008-11-13 Adrian Reber <adrian@lisas.de>
        * released as 4

2007-07-03 Adrian Reber <adrian@lisas.de>
        * dumped all the self written cd and cddb code
          and switched to libcdio and libcddb
        * released as 3
        * droped kover.spec from tarball
          a better version is maintained in fedora

2004-09-17 Adrian Reber <adrian@lisas.de>
        * applied patch to fix printing problems
          with protrait and landscape from
          Uwe Brinkhoff <sindsiesicher@gmx.de>
        * added support to read CD-TEXT
        * added a new binary cd-text and manual page
        * the usual small fixes here and there
        * released as 2.9.6
          "look-i-can-read" release

2004-04-25 Adrian Reber <adrian@lisas.de>
        * copied new files from kapptemplate to admin
        * many kapptemplate related changes
        * released as 2.9.5
          "now-with-release-names" release or
          "yes-i-am-still-alive" release

2004-04-20 Markus Brueffer <brueffer@phoenix-systems.de>
        * kover FreeBSD patches

2004-04-20 Laurent Montel <lmontel@mandrakesoft.com>
        * Patch to add config shortcut.
        * Fixe a mem leak.

2003-03-14 Adrian <adrian@lisas.de>
        * *.png: somehow all the images were corrupted and are
          now replaced with non-corrupted versions
        * version updated to 2.9.3

2003-03-10 Adrian <adrian@lisas.de>
        * es.po: spanish translation added from
                 Quique <quique@sindominio.net>
        * kostore: kostore added to be able to open the
          k3b-files as they (k3b) have switched to a zipped
          format to store their XML data
        * koverfile.cc: included the import for k3b-files
          with help of kostore
        * version bumped to 2.9.2

2003-02-19 Adrian <adrian@lisas.de>
        * version updated to 2.9.1
        * release

2003-02-09 Adrian <adrian@lisas.de>
        * cddb_fill.cc: local cddb files are not longer loaded/written
          to the cddb directory but to the cddb-directory/category
          directory. This way it should be possible to use the cddb
          directory from kscd.
        * kover.pot: translation updated
        * de.po: german translation updated
        * pl.po: polish translation updated by
                 Michal Rudolf <mrudolf@mercury.ci.uw.edu.pl>
        * nb.po: norwegian translation updated by
                 Håvard Dahle <havardda@orakel.ntnu.no>
        * it.po: italian translation updated by
                 Marco Ciampa <ciampix@libero.it>
        * fr.po: french translation updated by
                 jean-pierre VERRUE <jean-pierre.verrue@laposte.net>
        * all files: code review, other stuff

2002-10-13 Adrian <adrian@lisas.de>
        * kovertop.cc: little GUI redesign
        * When there is single front side (booklet and inlet of the same
          page), picture set for both front sides is ignored (I think 
          it should be applied to single side available);
			 reported by Michal Rudolf <mrudolf@mercury.ci.uw.edu.pl>
          and fixed in cdview.cc
        * PreferencesDialog.cc: introduced some text to explain
          how and when the font changes are applied
        * As "Inlet Title" and "Spine Text" is the same, the use of the term 
          is now project wide "Spine Text"
        * The "More >>" button is now named "Options" to be better
          translatable and to make more sense
        * kovertop.cc: Added accelerator for Actual Size and Preview
          Ctrl++ Ctrl+-
2002-09-18 Adrian <adrian@lisas.de>
        * config.cc: now writing the inlet_only option
		    to the configuration file (seems like nobody is
          using this option)
        * cdview.cc: bugfix to position the text correctly if
          the inlet_only option is selected

2002-09-17 Adrian <adrian@lisas.de>
        * koverfile.cc: now reading .k3b files of type
          k3b_data_project and k3b_audio_project
        * *_dialog.cc: quit button works now how it is supposed to

2002-09-13 Adrian <adrian@lisas.de>
        * seems like we are entering a time of heavy development activity???
        * net.cc: introduced the readline method
          this should remove the bug reported 
			 by Jan Keirse <jan.keirse@pandora.be>:
          kover:cddb_fill.cc:702: this should not happen
          kover:cddb_fill.cc:810: this should not happen
        * cddb_fill.cc: using now readline() method instead of trying
          to read the http response by itself
        * koverfile.cc: cddb id is now also saved to the .kover files
        * koverfile.cc: first attempts to read .k3b files. 
          It should be to hard as these files are also xml based.
        * bumped version to 2.8.8
        * no release yet

2002-09-11 Adrian <adrian@lisas.de>
        * PreferencesDialog.cc: option to disable unnecessary 
        * PreferencesDialog.cc: divided one page (misc) into 
          two pages (misc and cover)
        * config.cc: global fonts are now saved in a different format
          this should work better than using XLFD (X Logical Font Description)
        * koverfile.cc: prepared to switch to a different font save
          format if necessary in the future
        * kovertop.cc: on the "More >>" page is a option to change
          the spine text independently from the title
        * finally the http_proxy environment variable is honored
          (net.cc, cddb.cc, PrefrencesDialog.cc)
        * due to changes to the configuration routines , there can be issues
          on first startup. kover will use its builtin values.
        * bumped version to 2.8.7
        * released as 2.8.7

2002-07-24 Adrian <adrian@lisas.de>
        * mainly bugfixes
        * renamed no.po to nb.po (Øyvind Sæther)
        * koverfile.cc: now using utf8() to save the files;
          this sould fix the problem with utf8 characters...
          (Øyvind Sæther)
        * koverfile.cc: loading of old style .kover files
          now without errors (Claudio Ferrari)
        * koverfile.cc: empty lines now also saved (Claudio Ferrari)
        * koverfile.cc: removed last newline after file loading
        * server_dialog.cc: new dialog to choose from the available
          cddb servers
        * server.cc: entity for the servers
        * PreferencesDialog.cc: button to select one of the 
          available cddb server
        * whenever you read cddb in this ChangeLog, then freedb is
        * now using anjuta for coding
        * bumped version to 2.8.6
        * released as 2.8.6
        * tomorrow I'm going on holiday; I'm going camping 
          in Croatia. Yes! Finally! Holiday! Woohoo!
        * I'm now using debian. No more redhat. And apt-get
          is really great. My APT has even Super Cow Powers :)

2002-05-21 Adrian <adrian@lisas.de>
        * pl.po: polish translation updated by:
          Micha Rudolf <mrudolf@mercury.ci.uw.edu.pl>
        * admin: new kde3 admin directory
          this should fix the issue with having only the libqt-mt
        * kover.1 cddb-id.1: finally manpages. thanks to:
          Rene Engelhard <mail@rene-engelhard.de>
        * kover.spec.in: updated to include the manpages
        * main.cc: connection to DCOP server now part of the code

2002-04-29 Adrian <adrian@lisas.de>
        * PreferencesDialog.cc: added small preview pictures
          for the different cover layouts
        * PreferencesDialog.cc: added page for global font
        * PreferencesDialog.cc: added button to select one
          of the freedb mirror sites 
        * net.cc: general network code
        * cddb.cc: general cddb code
        * sites.cc: this retrieves all available cddb sites
          as advertised by the freedb servers using the
          cddb command: "sites"
        * proxy_auth.cc: removed \n from the password
          before base64 encoding
        * cddb_fill.cc: removed some of the global cddb and network
          methods. they are now in cddb.cc and net.cc
        * cddb_fill.cc: also small bugfixes
        * kovertop.cc: added a unnecessary animation to display
          a second page with current cover related options
        * I love my ChangeLog

2002-04-22 Adrian <adrian@lisas.de>
        * released as 2.8.3
          the big jump in the version number is a hint
          that this version is to be used with kde3
        * this is just a development version
          lots of things are started but not finished
          don't expect everything to work yet
          this is for the people waiting to use kover with kde3
        * merged the qt3_version cvs branch back into the
          the HEAD branch. branches are evil!

2002-04-07 Adrian <adrian@lisas.de>
        * kover_file.cc: changed .kover file format to use XML.
        * renamed some files from .cpp to .cc, so --enable-final
          can optimize better. More renaming will follow
        * created the qt3_version branch in the cvs
        * it.po: italian translation by
          Marco Ciampa <ciampix@libero.it>
        * pl.po: polish translation by:
          Micha Rudolf <mrudolf@mercury.ci.uw.edu.pl>

2002-03-07 Alexander <alex@lisas.de>
        * gcc3 and kde3 fixes

2001-11-19  Michael  <konqueror@gmx.de>
        * bufixes for the network transparency stuff
        * Released as 0.8.3

2001-11-18  Adrian  <adrian@lisas.de>
        * KoverTop.cpp cddb_fill.cpp: included option to make
          cddb query without the CD
        * without_cd.cc: the without CD cddb query dialog.
        * KoverTop.cpp: OpenRecent menu available
        * categories.cc: a container for the cddb categories
        * CDView.cpp: switched from QPrinter to KPrinter
          maybe this helps some people who weren't able to print
        * Released as 0.8.2

2001-11-17  Michael  <konqueror@gmx.de>
        * KoverTop.cpp: network transparency. now it is possible
          to open and save file via ftp
        * x-kover.desktop: application/x-kover mimetype
        * main.cpp: open file via command line
        * cdrom_cddb.h: fixed typo. --enable-final should work now

2001-10-28  Adrian  <adrian@lisas.de>
        * some files: patch from Håvard Dahle <havardda-i18n@orakel.ntnu.no>
          included for inlet only option.
        * PreferencesDialog.cpp: inlet only option to radio buttons
        * KoverTop.cpp: new font selection dialog for inlet
          inlet title font
        * koverfile.cpp CDView.cpp: changes to handle inlet title font
        * no.po: norwegian translation by
          Håvard Dahle <havardda-i18n@orakel.ntnu.no>
        * released as 0.8.1

2001-10-12  Adrian  <adrian@lisas.de>
        * all files: prepared for translation
        * fr.po: french translation by
          Jean-Pierre VERRUE <jean-pierre.verrue@laposte.net>
        * de.po: german translation all by myself
        * more code cleanups
        * cddb-id.cc: new file. using the new cdrom_cddb class
          to calculate the cddb-id and prints it to stdout.
          cddb id calculation will be removed from cddb_fill.cpp
        * cddb_211_item.cc: storage for the inexact matches
        * inexact_dialog.cc: dialog to display the the inexact matches
        * kover.spec.in: used to create a rpm specfile via configure
          rpm -ta kover-x.x.tar.gz gives you a nice rpm
        * CDView.cpp:48+341: removed compiler warnings

2001-10-01  Adrian  <adrian@lisas.de>

        * cddb_fill.cpp: proxy authentification implemented
        * proxy_auth.cc: the new proxy authentification dialog
          password is base64 encoded; this is "Basic Proxy-authorization"
          base64 encoding stuff is from unknown. I found two files on the
          web (base64encode.c and base64decode.c) but no copyright or author
          information. However not much is left from the original source.
        * PreferencesDialog.cpp: typo

2001-06-14  Adrian  <adrian@lisas.de>

        * CDView.cpp: booklet content on left side of inlet
          for slim case CDs 
        * PreferencesDialog.cpp: added the slim case option
        * code cleanups
        * config.cc: new class for configuration. This used 
          to be in KoverTop.cpp
        * KoverTop.cpp: fixed bug that [modified] disappears
          if you hit the save button
        * main.cpp: catching SIGTERM and SIGINT and saving
          configuration before exiting
        * cdrom.cc: introducing the cdrom class 

2001-05-10  Adrian   <adrian@lisas.de>

        * ChangeLog: Do I really like this changelog style?
          If I do like it, why am I not using it?

2001-05-07    <adrian@lisas.de>

        * configure.in: check for good CDs included
2001-01-22  Adrian   <adrian@lisas.de>

        * main.cpp: great new command line option
        * cddb_fill.cpp: have a look at the cddb code from grip...
          you will find similarities :)
          the threading (currently disabled) is mainly from terminatorX
        * PreferencesDialog.cpp: cdrom and cddb page added

2001-01-11  Adrian  <adrian@lisas.de>

        * ported to KDE 2.0 an qt 2.2
        * KoverTop.cpp: rewritten
          - using KDE 2 style menus and XML file (koverui.rc)
        * cddb_fill.cpp: rewritten (partly)
          changed cddb lookup to use port 80 instead of 888 (or whatever)
        * cddb_fill.cpp: first looking for local cddb data before connecting
          to a cddb server
        * PreferencesDialog.cpp: new file creating a Preferences Dialog
        * changed ChangeLog to GNU style

Kover ChangeLog
* Bugfix
+ New Feature

  *inner lines are white if background is black
  *title on the side gets same color as front title
  +title can have several lines
  +you can have three images with lots of configuration

  *use KTopLevelImage instead of KTMainWindow (comapatible with KDE 1.0)
  *include ucdrom.h and/or cdrom.h depending on configure script
  *clipped centered image
  +support jpeg, tiff, png

  *corrected cd number load/save
  *cd number is now on both sides
  *found out why QPrinter prints only standard X fonts: Ghostscript has its own fontmap (/etc/gs.Fontmap)
  *fixed exit/autochange bug
  *replaces every %number in the filename
  +autofilling with CDDB data
  +image embedding (center/tile/stretch)
  +added a status bar for more feedback on actions (essential for CDDB)
  +added support for files of "Easy CD Pro 2.0" (autodetection!)

  *corrected the lsm file
  *changed e-mail address to dok@fischlustig.de
  *don´t ask for filename every time (save/save as)
  *store applink in Utilities
  +"Choose Font" moved into second toolbar
  +color settings for text/background
  +optional cd number
  +use KSimpleConfig
  +change detection (load/new/exit)

  +initial version
  +font settings

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