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 $Id: THANKS,v 1.10 2004/04/29 07:54:31 adrian Exp $

kover THANKS:

Using code and ideas from:

- terminatorX http://www.terminatorX.cx/
- grip http://www.nostatic.org/grip/
- kmail and kedit (see www.kde.org)
- base64 encoding by unknown
- k3b/kostore

Alexander Koenig <alex@lisas.de>
- gcc 3 patches
- kde 3 patches

Jean-Pierre VERRUE <jean-pierre.verrue@laposte.net>
- french translation

HÃ¥vard Dahle <havardda-i18n@orakel.ntnu.no>
- norwegian translation
- inlet only option

Michael <konqueror@gmx.de>
- moc files now as include in the C++ file:

Header files declaring a QObject descendant have to be run through moc to
produce a .moc file.  This .moc file has to be compiled, for which two
possibilities exists: compile it separately, or #include it in the C++ file
implementing that above mentioned class.  The latter is more efficient in term
of compilation speed.

- some typos fixed. --enable-final should work now
- included a mime-type application/x-kover
- now using the KURL object to open and save files.
  it is now possible to save and open files via ftp...

Denis Oliver Kropp <dok@fischlustig.de>
- for the original version of kover

Marco Ciampa <ciampix@libero.it>
- italian translation

Micha Rudolf <mrudolf@mercury.ci.uw.edu.pl>
- polish translation

Rene Engelhard <mail@rene-engelhard.de>
- debian package
- man pages

Nils Philippsen <nils@fht-esslingen.de>
- php code for the webpages taken from
  RACE: http://lisas.de/race/

Quique <quique@sindominio.net>
- spanish translation

Markus Brueffer <brueffer@phoenix-systems.de>
- kover FreeBSD patches

Laurent Montel <lmontel@mandrakesoft.com>
- Patch to add config shortcut.

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