I have updated the scripts which are using the mirrored project status information in our database to display even more information about what is going on on our mirror server. In addition to the overall traffic of the last 14 days, 12 months and all the years since we started to collect this data, the overall traffic is now broken down to transferred HTTP, FTP, RSYNC and other data (blue=other, red=http, green=rsync, yellow=ftp). The most traffic is generated by HTTP, followed by RSYNC and last (but not surprising) is FTP.

In addition to breakdown by traffic type I added an overview of the mirror size (in bytes and number files) at the bottom of the status page of each mirrored project. Looking at the status page of our apache mirror it is now possible to see the growth of the mirror since 2005. It started with 7GB in 2005 and has now reached almost 50GB at the end of 2012.

Adding the new functionality to the PHP scripts I had to change code I have written many years ago and unfortunately I must confess that this is embarrassingly bad code and it already hurts looking at it. Adding new functionality to it was even worse, but despite my urge to rewrite it I just added the new functionality which makes the code now even more unreadable.