After many years the whole RPM Fusion repository has grown to over
320GB. There have been occasional requests to move the unsupported
releases to an archive, just like Fedora handles its mirror setup, but
until last week this did not happen.

As of now we have moved all unsupported releases (EL-5, Fedora 8 – 25)
to our archive ( and clients are now
being redirected to the new archive system. The archive consists of
260GB which means we can reduce the size mirrors need to carry by more
than 75%.

From a first look at the archive logs the amount of data requested by
all clients for the archived releases is only about 30GB per day. Those
30GB are downloaded by over 350000 HTTP requests and over 98% of those
requests are downloading the repository metdata only (repomd.xml,
*filelist*, *primary*, *comps*).