Fedora. Nobody expected anything else (of course).

The first one and a half days since the release of Fedora 9 we are maxing out our bandwidth again. Today we already pushed more than 5.5TB and it looks like we will get close to transmitting 7TB on one day. This is much more than during the last Ubuntu release.

With the help of munin I can again provide a nice bandwidth graph:

The small dent, just after the start of the release, is due to the fact that I had to restart apache because of our cache drive. We are using a fast hard disk to reduce the load on our main RAID as cache, but it seems that it somehow cannot handle over a thousand simultaneous accesses and that is why I disabled that cache drive (which should have improved the situation and not worsened it). I can also prove that the Fedora release is the reason for all the traffic:

Traffic Breakdown 2008-05-14

Traffic Breakdown 2008-05-13