PVI logging

After a long break I’ve started logging the PVIs in my father’s house again. The main reason for reactivating the scripts was that the two PVIs have shown different yield numbers at the end of the day. Further investigation has shown that the internal clock of one of the PVIs was wrong, so at around noon the yield counter was reset, which of course led to different results. Anyway the graphs are online now. Currently the graphs are generated using google charts. Hints for an alternative are welcome.

2 thoughts on “PVI logging”

  1. Two things: Am I correct in assuming that PVIs are power inverters and why do I need two of them? And: the charts don’t work (Data column(s) for axis #0 cannot be of type string).

  2. 1st: PVI means PhotoVoltaic Inverter and depending on the possibilities to position panels on the roof (and many other things) the number of PVIs in a system might vary.
    2nd: The raspberry creating the file is down. Even worse: It’s 50 km away 🙁
    -> next post will about setting up the watchdog

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