Climate is changing. That’s not really new. However it was new to me that Portugal has a skiing region. It’s located in the Serra da Estrela. But due to less snow and warmer winters skiing is in decline and lifts are closing.

There is also an active lift which in summer is used by hikers.

And there is political change. The radar towers are remnants of the Cold War. Portuguese Air Force and NATO do not need them any more.

Cortaderia selloana

We came to know that, cortaderia selloana, the nice looking grass/reed that can be found everywhere is actually an invasive species.

Because of it’s invasive nature it appears on the website of the Parque Biologico de Gaia that we’ve visited. It’s a nice park with local animals.

All of them needed some kind of support, because they were found injured or abandoned by the parents so I think it’s good they found a new home. My favorite was the costal biorama.