My son got a tiptoi. I was interested how it works and a little bit of googling lead me to this page. It provides a tool to create your own pages, books, adventures or puzzles. I gave it a try and this is the result.

a hand
result of 1st try with tttol

It does not look pretty and I could not print it in color, but the b/w version works. You can see the dotty area on each finger and on the i/o and play button. They contain the code that is read by the tiptoi pen. The example ha two modes. Mode one will just say the name of the finger when you touch it. Mode two can be activated by touching the play button on the lower right. If you touch the fingers in order starting with the thump it’ll tell the German poem “Das ist der Daumen …” or complain if the oder is not correct.

Find here the code:

product-id: 42
comment: das_ist_der_daumen
init: $spiel:=0
welcome: hallo
language: de
 - $spiel == 0? P(daumen)
 - $spiel == 1? $pos == 0? P(vdaumen) $pos := 1
 - $spiel == 1? $pos != 0? P(vnochmal,vanderer,vsicher,vhmmm)
 - $spiel == 0? P(zeige)
 - $spiel == 1? $pos == 1? P(vzeige) $pos := 2
 - $spiel == 1? $pos != 1? P(vnochmal,vanderer,vsicher,vhmmm)
 - $spiel == 0? P(mittel)
 - $spiel == 1? $pos == 2? P(vmittel) $pos := 3
 - $spiel == 1? $pos != 2? P(vnochmal,vanderer,vsicher,vhmmm)
 - $spiel == 0? P(ring)
 - $spiel == 1? $pos == 3? P(vring) $pos := 4
 - $spiel == 1? $pos != 4? P(vnochmal,vanderer,vsicher,vhmmm)
 - $spiel == 0? P(klein)
 - $spiel == 1? $pos == 4? P(vklein) $pos := 0
 - $spiel == 1? $pos != 4? P(vnochmal,vanderer,vsicher,vhmmm)
 - $spiel == 0? P(spiel_start) $spiel:=1 $pos := 0
 - $spiel == 1? P(spiel_end) $spiel:=0 $pos := 0
 hallo: "Hallo!"
 daumen: "Daumen" 
 zeige: "Zeigefinger" 
 mittel: "Mittelfinger" 
 ring: "Ringfinger" 
 klein: "kleiner Finger" 
 spiel_start: "Das Spiel wird jetzt gestartet. Beginne mit dem Daumen!"
 spiel_end: "Das Spiel wird jetzt beendet"
 vdaumen: "Das ist der Daumen!" 
 vzeige: "Der schüttelt die Pflaumen!" 
 vmittel: "der liest sie auf!" 
 vring: "der trägt sie nach Haus!" 
 vklein: "und der isst sie alle alle auf!" 
 vnochmal: "Versuchs nochmal!"
 vanderer: "Versuch einen anderen Finger!"
 vsicher: "Sicher?"
 vhmmm: "Hmmmm!"

RTC battery gone bad

Long ago I’ve spent a day in Frankfurt. Since I’ve never been there I went for the first parking I saw. And I got the following ticket with an interesting date.


In the evening I got an amount displayed on the machine that slightly exceeds the credit level of my credit card. (Sorry for the bad quality, but taking pictures of LCDs in direct sunlight is a challenge)


After waiting for a long time and talking to the service people the amount was reduced.


Sorry for the German title, but the translated one I did not like. Someone has stolen my partition in the basement. Not just some things from it. My complete partition is taken over by someone else. When I recently went down to put my suitcase I could not find my partition any more. The place did not look like before any more. After some searching it turned out that someone has broken my lock, filled my partition with his things, put paper on the inside of the metal grid (that’s why it looked completely different) and put a new lock. So now I have a partition with someone else’s things any my flat full of things.

Euro Gusto

I’ve been to Tours in France. For picking up my sister at the Euro Gusto. This is an exposition comparable to the Slow Food. OK, I’ve to admit it’s not very reasonable to drive 1800 km in 3 days just for having a look at some wine and tasting some smelling cheese. But I like France and it was definitely good to away from work for some days and I had the possibility to correct some of my prejudice about French people. They tried hard to understand my bad French and did not ask for every word I’ve pronounced in a wrong way and they even tried to talk German to me.
food bought at the Euro Gusto
The picture shows the things I’ve bought there: cheese, calvados, almonds, fleur de sel and nougat.