SSHD again… on Lineage OS 17.1

I finally got around to looking into why my rsync automation fails with my new Lineage OS 17.1 device. The old instructions worked like charm. Sshd will start, but the shell user will receive a permission denied after successful authentication.

It turns out that sshd is unhappy with the file ownership or modes for /data. Now I didn’t want to mess with those nor did I want to move the ssh directory to another place so I cheated and told sshd to relax by adding:

StrictModes no

to sshd_config. Probably sshd dislikes that /data is owned by system and not shell nor root – allowing the system user to erase the ssh directory. Seems like one security concept is ruining anotherā€¦

Flashing Maemo

Yesterday, I finally found the time to flash my N900 with the latest Maemo version PR1.1. I ran the flasher software on a Fedora host and the process performed quickly without problems. After recovering my backup everything was backĀ  to normal. Unfortunately I had no wifi available at the time, so when the backup recovery re-established the software setup, it downloaded ~50MB via UMTS which was somewhat unexpected.

Most notably, the browser feels even snappier than before and I am very pleased that connecting to my OpenVPN now also works over the UMTS/GPRS connection – with the previous version I could join the VPN via WLAN only (and even Patrick couldn’t fix it). I also noted quite a few new packages in the repositories, so there are more hours of fun ahead…