Sweet Irony

After reading that the good people from id have released a Linux port of their ETQW demo, I decided to give it a try (even though it does not seem to be my kind of FPS) in order to test the 3D capabilities of my new laptop. When installing the demo I skipped through their EULA noting that 3e) forbids me to:

distribute the Software by any means, including, but not limited to, Internet or other electronic distribution, direct mail, retail, mail order, or other means;

The funny thing is that id distribute the demo via BitTorrent only – which automatically turns everybody downloading the software into a distributor of that file. The problem is of course that they use their standard EULA for the demo, but maybe somebody from the development department should have a chat with their lawyers sometime.

Oh, and as an update to my previous post: is it me or have hypertext experts turned RADIOHEAD’s homepage into a giant wobbly blob?

Update:  it seems that either Firefox or the Flash Plugin for Linux fail to render the animation underneath the text, rendering the website unusable.