Eerie Wheater

Last week a minor thunderstorm passed us by – close enough to paint our sky with weird colors. The clouds stopped short of the horizon causing the buildings on the ground to have an unreal glow. On sunset it looked like the clouds caught fire. The following photos are some original captures of the event (no Gimp involved).

The glow The glow Fire in the sky Fire in the sky
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The funny thing is, I shot more than 140 pictures in order to capture some lightning without noticing that I had success with the very first one:

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Yeah I know, it’s tiny. Maybe next summer – seems like thunderstorm season is over for this year.

Even Closer

Finally I remembered to pack my real camera before jumping into my car yesterday morning. So here are the results of my latest experiment in tunnel photography. The first two are using the traditional technique, the third features a slight deviation to reveal more of the original image.

B295 Tunnel Tunnel Pragsattel B295 Tunnel
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Additionally I took some non-tunnel images and ran them through the ‘convergence’ process. The last image is an original photo (no convergence here) – I merely applied some Selective Gaussian Blur to reduce the noise.

B295 B10 Lights, Camera, Photo
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I assume these wallpapers should keep me going for a while. Maybe I’ll make some dual/wide screen edits sometime. As ‘usual’ Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 3.0 applies.