Ruining a perfectly good phone

I had just finished tuning my ownCloud sync setup, when – after years of smooth, unharmed operation despite numerous cement-terminated falls – the better parts of my N9’s gorilla glass finally decide to break apart as the phone left the the bike mount mid-ride. It seems the mount broke due to modifications I made as it kept pressing buttons unintentionally.


Hopefully I will be able to get my hands on a another (retired) N9 next week so I can useĀ  that phone’s display to replace the broken one, which is nice as I wouldn’t know which new phone I would by right now, for some reason the Ubuntu Edge I ordered never shipped.

This way I can continue using SyncEvolution with my little script to sync with ownCloud which uses some MeeGo D-Bus magic to pop-up a short message informing me when the sync is complete. As I failed at ash arithmetic the script feels a little clumsy, but it seems to do what it should.

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