Some Milk Today

Copenhagen stopover
Copenhagen stopover

I am currently spending three days in Helsinki for a business trip. Unfortunately I will not be leaving the airport area a lot. It is nice to visit a place where people’s keyboards have Umlauts, too. OK, instead of the German ü they have an å but the other Umlauts are the same. I have to admit that Suomi still is completely unparseable to me.

I was also surprised to notice how popular milk is in Finland. While in other parts of Europe a glass of milk is disrespected to be a drink for toddlers only, the Finns enjoy a healthy glass of milk and order it regularly with their lunch or dinner even at a restaurant. The hotel I’m staying at actually provides 6 types of milk for breakfast.

Today Helsinki saw the first bits of snow this year, so mabye I going to find out tomorrow why a large part of the cars over here are equipped with winter tires that feature metal spikes.

Terminal 5

It is big indeed. I spent four days in the UK last week and this was the first time that I arrived to and left from Heathrow’s new Terminal 5. The dimensions are impressive and you should really bring your good shoes for your way to the gate. Unlike the first travelers at Terminal 5 I got all my baggage pretty quickly and in full.

The interior is very shiny and my guess is that they have the highest amount of large screen LCD and plasma TVs per square mile (hey, it’s the UK so let’s forget about the metric system for a while) – at least in Europe. All flight tables are accompanied by an extra screen for ads, which feels just like one of those annoying flash thingies on your favorite news web site.

Anyway, I really enjoyed visiting the UK again and I am happy to have survived four days of driving on the wrong side of the road.

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The Pizza Experiment

Spending a few days to work in Italy, I had to discover that you will eventually grow sick of pizza if you repeatedly eat more than one a day. Yes, I expected this to be unhealthy, but I did not expect to stop liking pizza.

Additionally I noticed that I have stopped using the direction indicator of my car. Luckily I got home before starting to get used to utilizing the horn as a means of communication.