Some Milk Today

Copenhagen stopover
Copenhagen stopover

I am currently spending three days in Helsinki for a business trip. Unfortunately I will not be leaving the airport area a lot. It is nice to visit a place where people’s keyboards have Umlauts, too. OK, instead of the German ü they have an å but the other Umlauts are the same. I have to admit that Suomi still is completely unparseable to me.

I was also surprised to notice how popular milk is in Finland. While in other parts of Europe a glass of milk is disrespected to be a drink for toddlers only, the Finns enjoy a healthy glass of milk and order it regularly with their lunch or dinner even at a restaurant. The hotel I’m staying at actually provides 6 types of milk for breakfast.

Today Helsinki saw the first bits of snow this year, so mabye I going to find out tomorrow why a large part of the cars over here are equipped with winter tires that feature metal spikes.

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