New scratching device

Today I finally managed to release a new version of terminatorX, which had been broken for quite a while as some changes in either gtk+ or broke the mouse grabbing code. Anyway, just recently I bought a new mouse as the left button of its predecessor was worn out. I decided to go for a high precision device, so I ended up with a Razer laser mouse (Lachesis).

At first I was stunned that the¬†manufacturer actually¬†labels the device as a “weapon of mass destruction”, but hey I use with a piece of software called “terminatorX” – so who am I to judge. Once you get used to the high resolution, the mouse really is a very precise input device – and it does help operating terminatorX quite a bit. The guys from Phoronix gave the mouse (or an earlier version of it) a test and liked it, too, however they were disappointed that Razer does not provide official Linux support. While this still holds true today, I have to say that my experience with the device under Linux has been excellent so far: you plug it in, it works perfectly an you can switch the resolution with the two buttons on top.

Some might be disappointed that there is no fancy user interface allowing you to tune and configure the device – I appreciate the fact that I don’t have to configure anything.