Floppies Revisted

Last weekend I upgraded most of my home systems to run Lucid Lynx. From the software point of view everything went pretty smoothly and I am really happy so far. I like the new look which is not surprising as I’ve been using the Dust theme prior to 10.04 and they are not very far apart. The new Ubuntu One integration is an interesting way of trying to make Ubuntu sustainable, I do hope however that it will stay out of my way if I don’t want to use it.

I was close to downloading an album through Ubuntu One until they requested me to register my computer. This is something I do not want to do just to buy an album, so I stopped right there and resorted to the wonderful clamz.

Anyway, during the setup I had to realize that CD-Rs have become the floppies of 2010 – not only capacity-wise but also regarding the reliability. I’ve been having this problem with Ubuntu as well as Fedora setups: When you burn the CD-R just before running the setup on another machine with a different optical drive you will often get read errors at some point in time – typically after being halfway through the setup process. This brings me to my request to the authors of Linux distribution setup procedures: If you cannot read a package from the CD please try downloading it from the Internet after asking the user whether it is OK to do so. I fixed one of the setups with a manual chroot onto the new root fs after modifying the sources.list, on another machine I simply used the mini iso which downloads eveything via the network.

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