Some Are Getting It Indeed

Album Download Site Finally! RADIOHEAD’s new way of distributing music seems to catch on. Another artist who’s excellent previous album often finds its way onto my playlist will release his upcoming album in a fashion similar to ‘In Rainbows’: Saul William‘s new release will be available as a DRM-free download in two flavors:

  • if you decide to pay 5$ you will be able to choose from a 192 kbits/s MP3, a 320 kbits/s MP3 or a FLAC version (yes!)
  • if you don’t want to pay anything you will still be able to download the 192 kbits/s MP3 version

Hey, even the free version is encoded with a higher bitrate than ‘In Rainbows’! I just hope the revenue generated by my five bucks will not be diminished by the bandwidth costs necessary to transfer those FLAC files to my hard disk.

Note that, according to the download site for the album, the MP3 files will be:

encoded with LAME v3.97 and love.

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