Field Excursion

Just recently I wanted to check whether the lord of the samplers (Amon Tobin) will release any new music any time soon. But instead of advertising new releases Amon Tobin’s website took me on a field recording excursion. Resembling the approach he took with his excellent latest album, where he actually recorded the samples himself instead of recycling old material, a heavy Flash application allows the visitor to control some kind of ship in order to search for specific life forms.

Once such a life form has been found, the visitor can record a set of samples from that species. When all of the samples have been recorded, the specimen will perform what could be called a dance accompanied by an audio track composed of the previously recorded samples.

I’m definitely not a big fan of neither Flash-supported nor solemnly Flash-based web sites, but this one is very well done and provides an original experience that is actually related to the art it is intended to present.

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